International Conference on Strategic researches on Iranian clothing and Iranian-Islamic clothing style 2022

Farahnaz Neghabat

Sizing and ready-made patterns on Iranian anatomies

Zahra Rahmati

"Iranian clothing" "Iranian-Islamic clothing style"

Mansore Arab

Short sleeve

Elham Asarkashani

Pathology of Baloch needlework in Saravan region

Maryam Shirzadian

Is modeling of women forbidden?

Pegah Gilakinezami

Revival of Iranian handicrafts in the garment industry (Khatem)

Tayebesadat Naghavi

Revival of an art, a collaborative approach

Inghar Heydarzadgan

Presenting the new design of Iranian Islamic clothing according to the analysis of motif algorithms in Qajar and Safavid era textiles

Elham Dadgar

Evaluating the effects of Islamic women's clothing design and its role in authentic Iranian-Islamic culture

Syed Ali Farogh

Feasibility of benefiting from clothing fashion and the variety of clothing design in accordance with the Islamic lifestyle

Afsane Ghani

Recreating plant motifs of clay carpets is more challenging in the decoration of women's business clothes by relying on synctics method.

Hadi Yaghobizade

A review and analysis of the measures and foundations for women's conversion from the chaste clothing style from the Naseri period to the end of the Qajar period.

Alireza Azhdari

Rereading the identity of the city of Tehran and its reflection in the design of cover extensions, case example: conceptual design of women's shoes collection

Samad Kaviani

Recognizing Iranian-Islamic clothing design and fashion with emphasis on women's clothing

Shelir Moradi

Weaving clothes with a home machine

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Investigating women's clothing in the Safavid era according to travelogues of foreign tourists

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Examination of women's clothing of the Qajar period according to the paintings of Mirza Abulhasan Khan Ghafari Kashani (Sani al-Mulk)

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Examining the clothes of Qajar period women and their make-up according to the paintings of Mirza Abulhasan Khan Ghafari Kashani (Sani al-Mulk) and the social conditions of that era.

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Examining the women's clothing of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar period according to the photos of this period

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Examination of men's clothing of the Qajar period according to the paintings of Mohammad Ghafari Kashani (Kamaal al-Mulk).

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Examination of men's clothing of the Qajar period according to the paintings of Mohammad Ghafari Kashani (Kamaal al-Mulk).

Amene Manafitabar

Investigation of men's clothing in Iran considering the ways of representation in visual media (case study: 1400-1370 AD)

Azam Zafarkamel

Examination of clothing in the paintings of Sarbineh Hamam Mehdi Qoli Beyg Mashhad

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Investigating the clothes and ornaments of the ancient area of Silk Kashan in the Neolithic period according to its works

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Investigating the impact of World War II on the fashion industry in France

Zahra Saiedi

Investigating the influence of color in clothing design on individual personality in society

Zeynab Babaie

Investigating the effect of animal motifs on seals of Choghazanbil (Elam) and its use in women's clothing

Fahime Jafari

Historical study of Iranian clothing style

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Investigating the integration of traditional architecture with the art of dress design in Isfahan style of the Boroujerdi house of Kashan in the Qajar period

Zahra Seifi

Examination of handwovens of Kerman province with an emphasis on the Shiriki rug of Sirjan

Malihe Safar Khozani

Investigating the traditional weaving machine of Kerchal and its evolution

Zeynab Hamdanipor

Investigating the relationship between social security and the tendency to wear Iranian-Islamic clothing with the mediating role of identification in the women's community of Bandar Abbas

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Examining Iranian colors from the perspective of psychology and their impact on society

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Examining Iranian colors from the perspective of psychology and their impact on society

Rostam Namiranain

Investigating Zoroastrian embroidery and its application in the design of women's mantles

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Investigating the structure of motifs, form and color in Baloch art with emphasis on needlework art

Parisa Golmohammadi

Investigating Sassanian headgear by studying the wall paintings of that period

Fateme Arhamikhaje

Examining the pottery of the Qajar period in the Qajar museum (Tabriz) and its inspiration in clothing design

Razie Akbarzaderobat

Examining the clothes of women of different ethnic groups in Iran with an emphasis on coin embroidery on the clothes

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Review of European women's dresses during the Rococo period

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

A review of Italian women's fashion during the Renaissance

Masome Boyeromonji

Examining the pattern and color in Shushtar textiles from long ago until now and their application in today's clothing.

Ashrafalsadat Mirbagheri

Investigation of motifs of exquisite velvet textiles in the Safavid era

Najama Dolati

Investigation of original motifs and their colors in Baloch needlework of Iranshahr city of Sistan and Baluchistan province

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Investigating the designs of Safavid period fabrics with regard to the art of Kashan poetry weaving

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Examining the clothing motifs of the Qajar period with an emphasis on the portrait paintings of this period

Akram Hasheme

Examining the motifs of contemporary Iranian women's headdresses (with a case study of seven headscarf designs produced in recent years)

Seyed Mahson Sajadi

Investigating the identity in the design of Islamic Iranian clothes with regard to the fabrics of the Safavid period

Maryam Jaghori

Investigation and analysis of the design of the teenage blanket with the symbology approach of Shahnameh mythology

Maryam Shirzadian

The phenomenon of fashion and fashionism from the perspective of Islam

Zeynad Afsharnezhad

A research on the style of covering from the perspective of the Qur'an

Ali Mahmodi Alami

The effect of color on the chastity cover

Nilofar Mirzaie

The impact of Iranian clothing consumption culture in social networks on the economy of the clothing market using data mining techniques

Haniye Abdolabadi

The effect of Turkmen needlework motifs, its design and color on the special value of the brand in the community mantle

Zeynab Hamdanipor

Explaining the relationship between the use of virtual space and the tendency to maintain Islamic clothing and hijab among the women of Bandar Abbas city

Maryam Fathi

Explaining the practical capabilities of Islamic Iranian motifs in the design of fabric and clothing, a case study; (Al Yassin Professional Art College, District 12, Tehran)

Mina Bahmani

Analyzing and reconstructing puppets' clothes and its role on children's social development

Farzanesadat Motahari

Analysis of the position of effective government institutions in Iran's clothing production and distribution network (case study: Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance)

Mahdi Taklo

Discourse analysis of women's clothing in contemporary Iran with an emphasis on gender balance theory

Fateme Dehghan

Analysis and investigation of Zilo Mibod motifs and its application in the design of women's gowns

Zahra Fanaie

Analysis and adaptation of Qajar period clothing based on the available images on the enamel paintings of this period

Roghiye Nasiri

The challenges of growing the national garment industry in Iran

Marya Farsi

Reading the semantics of clothes in the film based on the theory of Roland Barthes (case study: Gebe film)

Parnaz Godarzparvari

A strategy on promoting national identity in contemporary Iranian women's clothing

Isa Isazade

Strategies to promote and institutionalize the culture of chastity and hijab in government centers

Pardis Kheirolahi

Growth of the clothing industry with a sustainable fashion approach

Fateme Karbalaie

The trends and roots of changes in Iranian women's headdresses from the Safavid era to modern times

Roghiye Nasiri

Aesthetics of modesty in the style of Islamic clothing

Nasrin Maznagi

Aesthetics of historical textiles of Yazd from the perspective of formalism

Tayebe Ezatolahinezhad

Native aesthetics as body discourse (traditional self-decoration of Koti Arab nomadic women of Hesar Bala village)

Morteza Tahami

Evolution of women's clothing in Iran

Ghazale Akhlaghi

Recognition and analysis of fine fabrics in Islamic civilization with emphasis on the Egyptian Fatimid period

Ehsan Zarinabadi

The design of women's shirts and vests with a visual arts approach taken from the art of Mola of the Guna tribe in Panama.

Sahar Sheikh

Fabric design based on living and non-living structures in behavioral patterns

Alireza Azhdari

Jewelry design based on female characters in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh

Seyede Shiva Mahmodzade

Traditional restaurant wall covering design inspired by Shiraz painting school motifs

Zahra Khoshdel

Clothing design inspired by studying and investigating the role of the peacock in Iranian art

Alireza Azhdari

Women's wearable conceptual design inspired by the social and cultural challenges of the Middle East

Somaye Yazdani

Cultivation in Qajar period clothing based on gender representations

Malihe Safarkhozani

Fluorescent and phosphorescent

Masome Boyermonji

Application of color in the environment

Maryam Nargoni

Sociological review of women's clothing style in Iran and analysis of factors affecting it

Samane Kakavand

Analytical study of Qajar women's chastity covering in mirror image carpets

Adham Zargham

A comparative study of Safavid clothing in Reza Abbasi's travelogues and works

Forozan Sighalikomele

A comparative study of the effect of Safavid period fabric motifs on the Gurkan period of India and Rococo Europe

Pardis Kheirolahi

Studying and examining the clothing of the Safavid era

Malihe Safarkhozani

Comparison of Bakhtiari Chuqa and Tabari Chuqa

Amene Manafitabar

Criticism of the causes of violence against women in the western capitalist system (case study: media industry and fashion advertising)

Fateme Abdolahi

The role of decorations in clothes and their functional change in the style of Iranian clothing

Maryam Jaghori

Determining role of value chain and supply chain in Iranian clothing

Mostafa Rostami

The role of women and its themes in Safavid textiles

Shadan Bagherian Frahabadi

The mediating role of self-concept in the relationship between social networks and fashion in the coverage of Iranian female Instagram users

Negar Kazemi Asfe

The role of attitude of clothing cultural gatekeepers in shaping the identity of women's community clothing