International Workshop on Design for public spaces 2020


With the spread of the corona virus pandemic in the world, this event was held online!

Afam Events Institute, in collaboration with the University of Florence, Italy, organizes a design workshop for public spaces taught by Professor Stefano Folsa, a member of the academic staff of the Interior Architecture Department of this university.

In the space between buildings and structures, complementary elements are needed to organize urban life, equipment that, like the furniture of a house, provides the possibility of living in an enclosed space between stone, concrete and glass. These components regulate the flow of movement, stillness, fun and anxiety in the city and give it soul. Upholstery, equipment or urban, street or outdoor furniture are the common terms of these facilities and facilities. These facilities are more commonly known as “street furniture” in England and “outdoor furniture” in America.

Giving identity to urban spaces, in addition to the characteristics of the form and arrangement of the surrounding buildings, also depends on the manner of placement and the quality of urban furniture. Beautification is one of the important factors of urban furniture, which is designed and applied according to the environment of parts of the city that we call urban and public spaces. It has a great impact on the city’s quality of life.

In 16 sessions, this course will deal with the main topic of design for public spaces and the relationship between spaces and elements, elements and furniture (stands, design of exhibition stands and urban furniture design). In this course, the performance, materials, dimensions and sizes of furniture, spaces and the effect of furniture on spaces will be investigated and analyzed. Some courses aim to provide a cultural basis for the development of projects and use the public space, taking a path that will reach from the object to the space.

Familiarity of participants with 2D software (Photoshop or Illustrator and InDesign) and 3D software (Rhino or 3D Max), Sketch and Rando design and English language is required. An interpreter will be present in the classes.

The course will start on August 19 and end on October 14. Classes are on Sundays and Wednesdays every week from 5 to 7 pm. After registration, the class schedule will be given to the participants.

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Dr. Stafano Folesa

Florence University Member


Lecture 1 (2 Hours) Functional Elements of the Project
Lecture 2 (2 3Hours) Perceptive Elements of the Project
Lecture 3 (2 Hours) Drawing and Representation
Lecture 4 (2 Hours) The use of light and colours

Exibit Design
Lecture 5 (2 Hours) The design of an exhibition
Lecture 6 (2 Hours) The design of a Museum
Lecture 7 (2 Hours) Case histories
Lecture 8 (2 Hours) Materials, light and visual communication

Retail Design
Lecture 9 (2 Hours) The design of the sales space
Lecture 10 (2 Hours) Language in the retail project
Lecture 11 (2 Hours) Retail techniques and materials
Lecture 12 (2 Hours) Case histories

Urban Design
Lecture 13 (2 Hours) Urban Design/ City spaces
Lecture 14 (2 Hours) Telling a place/ The narrative process in urban design
Lecture 15 (2 Hours) Materials for outdoor spaces
Lecture 16 (2 Hours) The perception of a space

All lessons will be available in pdf format at the end of the lesson

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August 20, 2029
June 22, 2019
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