International Workshop on Contemporary Furniture Design 2020


With the spread of the corona virus pandemic in the world, this event was held online!

Afam Events Institute, in collaboration with Pedi Pak Design Studio in London, organizes a contemporary furniture design workshop with the teaching of contemporary designer, Mr. Pedi Pak, a graduate of Edinburgh University, London.

In the last century, there have been many changes in the fashion industry, especially interior decoration and furniture. The result of this transformation was the change of shape and image as well as the improvement of the use of furniture, which is known as contemporary furniture today. In general, any furniture that meets the design standards of the 21st century is placed in this new and emerging category. Young designers and graduates from the fields of industrial design and interior architecture are interested in designing contemporary furniture.

Mr. Pady Pike is one of the contemporary designers who started designing furniture in 2012 and unveiled her first furniture collection in 2019. She has worked with famous furniture designers such as Peter Mikic, Tom Faulkner, Barber Osgerby, Sebastian Conran and John Cullen.

He is the founder of Paddy Pike Studio and a graduate of Edinburgh University, London, and will teach his experience and design techniques in this course. This course will cover the main topic of contemporary furniture design and its relationship with interior spaces in 2 sessions. In this course, the performance, materials, dimensions and sizes of furniture, spaces and the way of designing contemporary furniture will be investigated and analyzed.

Familiarity of the participants with 3D software (Rhino or 3D Max), Sketch and Rando design and English language is required. A translator will be present at the workshop. This workshop will be held on two days, December 5 and December 12, from 4 to 6 pm.

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Eng. Pedi Pak

British contemporary furniture designer

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December 5, 2020
October 22, 2020
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