International Online Workshop on Ccreating Bag Patterns and Prototyping 2023

AFAMevents intends to hold a training course on the design and production of bags for its loyal followers. This course will include several workshops on various topics, all of which are aimed at creating a skilled bag designer. The first workshop is about bag pattern making and prototyping, which will be taught by one of the well-known and famous designers of various training courses on bags and shoes at schools in Italy and the United States, Ms. Veronica Passos, in collaboration with the Passo brand, starting on July 19, 2023.
The term “accessory” has become very popular in the fashion industry in recent decades and is an integral part of personal style. Common accessories include jewelry, watches, eyewear, bags, shoes, and so on. In the field of design, each of these accessories has a special place in the design, production, and material processes. While some consider bag design a “simple” fashion product compared to shoe design, the truth is that bag design is a complex composition of elements that contribute to its quality, functionality, and beauty.
Designing and producing a bag is a long and highly specialized process. Firstly, this process begins with the mastery of technical modeling, which requires sensitivity and delicacy in pattern making and utilizing the secrets of bag design and construction. Technical models can read, interpret, and provide solutions for creative ideas of designers.
This training course on creating bag patterns and prototyping familiarizes participants with the process of pattern making, model design, and bag accessories to enable them to enter the world of bag production. In this course, theoretical knowledge of production, the stages of accessory production, continuous practice in cutting and assembling leathers, and other skills related to bag design and production are taught.
Ms. Pessus is a designer and manufacturer of leather accessories and bags. You can see examples of her designs on the official pages of the Afam Events Institute. This workshop is recommended for all fashion, clothing, bag, and industrial designers who are interested in the field of accessory design.

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Dr. Dr. Veronica Passos

Designer of accessories and leather bags

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Tuesday July, 10 2023
Monday June, 10 2023
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