International Festival on Gensai Design 2018

Gensai refers to the reduction of damage caused by natural disasters. For the first time in Iran, this branch of design is taught to students by this conference. From this point of view, we will conduct a design competition and we will design products that are not only used in our daily lives, but also if we are suddenly involved in disasters and natural disasters, the use of these products will lead to a reduction in loss of life and help people a lot. he does. In this festival, we try to have students who are interested and a little familiar with Gensai, from the departments of industrial design, product design, architecture, clothing design, graphics, urban crisis management, help our communication. In this festival, taking into account previous experiences and stored information, from the designer’s point of view, we enter the arena to create concepts and ideas to create solutions or product designs. We also believe to share the thinking process and the results obtained by setting up a national and international exhibition with related organizations and people, the purpose of presenting the results widely is to help improve the ability to reduce disaster in society. On the other hand, in the Gensai workshop, which will be implemented in collaboration with Professor Sagara and Professor Farzam, students will design practical products as concepts and ideas as a group.
In today’s world, there are many causes of death and some of them are caused by natural events. Earthquakes, floods, storms, tornadoes, tsunamis, hail, avalanches, lightning, extreme temperature changes, droughts, and volcanoes are examples of natural disasters. Man cannot remove such incidents from nature, but he can find ways to reduce the damage caused by them (including life and financial damage). Many countries and cities in the world are exposed to damages caused by natural disasters. Iran is not an exception to this rule and due to its geographical and geological location, it is considered as one of the ten disaster-prone countries in the world, and due to the occurrence of accidents such as floods, earthquakes, droughts, storms, etc., significant human and financial losses are always caused. The country has arrived. One of the branches of inclusive design that has been around for a few years is “Gensai Design”. Gensai Design, for the first time after the severe Hanshin-Awaji earthquake in 1995, has appeared in Japan, which means to reduce the damages after the disaster and reduce the victims. They are easily used only in normal conditions in daily life, but in emergency situations caused by disasters, they have a special function for survival, rescue, shelter or escape.

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Article & Design Concept
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Objectives and program of the festival
  • Acquaintance of Iranian academic community with this branch of product design for the first time;
  • The influence and role of industrial design in gensai design;
  • Creating an experimental and practical educational space for industrial design students with the aim of presenting and creating ideas;
  • Creating efficient products to deal with emergency situations caused by accidents;
  • Display of selected works in the domestic exhibition in Iran;
  • Show selected works in the international exhibition in Japan in 2018;
  • Sending selected works for the Gensai Design International Competition in Japan in 2018;
Call to Design Concept
February 15, 2018
April 21, 2017
Results of Design Concept
February 26, 2018