International Conference on Urban design management 2020


With the spread of the corona virus pandemic in the world, this event was held online!

Design management is a new field in business where project management, design, strategy and supply chain methods are used to manage the creative process and create structure and organization for the design field. Design management includes continuous processes, business decisions, and strategies that facilitate innovation and create products, services, communications, environments, and brands that are effectively designed to improve the quality of our lives. data and increase success for the organization. In recent years, an attitude has been created that considers the integration of design thinking with strategic management as an interdisciplinary and human-centered approach to management knowledge. The European design management network presents the design management staircase model based on the common characteristics of businesses and how they use the category of design. In this step model, classification from the lowest step under the title; Design management is classified to the highest level where design management is used strategically in the organization and has become part of the business culture. Urban design management can be mentioned among the branches of design management. Urban design management deals with a wide range of stakeholders and all of them are influential in urban developments (constructions). The interdisciplinary nature of this field has made a joint effort to achieve beneficial and integrated results.
In fact, urban design management provides a common framework in order to bring together the conventional methods of urban and regional planning, construction development and urban design. Creating harmony between different construction approaches and mutual benefits provides a useful framework for integrating the perspective of urban planning, urban design and proposed projects for the built environment. On the other hand, urban design management in the field of urban appearance is facing important concerns in the direction of the comfort of citizens and trimming of the urban environment. Among these cases, we can mention the issues of visual pollution and removal of visual excesses, urban lighting, design for children and the use of color in the city. Color has emotional and cultural effects that can enhance or hinder communication efforts. Color in the city is also responsible for conveying messages and communication concepts. The meaning of color in the city is an important dimension of social and cultural life, and the continuity of colors is related to the sense of place.

Therefore, Al-Zahra University and Afam Arts Institute Holding have dedicated their first conference to the subject of “design management with an urban design approach” according to the current requirements and needs of the country, and with the permission of the Ministry of Science regarding the holding of the conference at the international level; Because in addition to the practical needs of management at the level of urban design, this field has high cultural values in addition to social value.
Therefore, this conference seeks to bring together experts, thinkers, academics, politicians and managers of relevant and interested organizations, design engineers and specialists, market and trade activists and domestic and foreign interested parties to the issue of design management with a management approach. Urban design explains concepts, goals and introduces useful and innovative ideas and plans. This is a suitable opportunity to present information and research and experimental findings of scientific, research and industrial and service centers and to exchange the opinions of domestic and foreign experts.

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Article & Design Concept Concept
  • Urban branding and design management;
  • Design management and social sustainability;
  • Urban design and beautification management;
  • Design management and creative cities;
  • Design management and smart cities;
  • Design management and urban tourism;
  • Urban design and furniture management;
  • Design and color management in the city;
  • Design management and removal of visual waste;
  • Design management and design for children;
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