National Workshop on Natural Disasters 2021


With the spread of the corona virus pandemic in the world, this event was held online!

The occurrence of floods and earthquakes in the past years in Iran has left a lot of damage and many buildings, infrastructures and settlements have been destroyed. Providing a large amount of temporary shelter in a short time and in different geographical conditions has created many problems for both the affected people and the authorities. Considering the issues in the temporary settlement stage and the limited number of examples that can be implemented in different conditions, short time and large number, the lack of plans that have turned into implementation options is felt. This competition intends to extract suitable answers to solve the problems of existing temporary housing options for areas affected by floods and earthquakes from among the ideas of architects and industrial designers and bring them to the stage of implementation.

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Design Concept Scope
  • Simple implementation details;
  • Easy portability;
  • Fast and easy installation;
  • Structural strength and stability;
  • Ability to store and pack in minimal space;
  • Being optimal in terms of the cost of consumables;
  • The possibility of easy collection and installation and reuse;
  • Provision of dimensional standards for residences with minimal occupancy (occupancy of up to 15 square meters);
  • Ability to adapt to climatic conditions and create environmental comfort (protection against cold, heat, wind and precipitation);
  • The ability to install without the need for complex equipment and specialized labor and the possibility of people’s participation in erecting the structure;
Call to Design Concept
August 26, 2020
۱۰ خرداد ماه ۱۳۹۸
Results of Design Concept
February 22, 2020