International Conference on Strategic researches on Iranian clothing and Iranian-Islamic clothing style 2022

At the same time as the 11th Fajr fashion and clothing festival is held in July 2021, the first international strategic research conference on “Iranian clothing” and “Iranian-Islamic style of clothing” will be held in the side of the city. Observing and monitoring the challenges in expanding and deepening the style of Iranian-Islamic clothing for Iranian women and men in all age groups and achieving strategies aimed at its theoretical and practical promotion through the flow of thought in the elite atmosphere is the main approach in holding this conference. This conference also aims to study the solutions to strengthen the economy of the domestic garment industry, with the aim of aligning the Iranian garment market with a resilient economy.
This conference will be held in two sections: free articles and theses and academic theses, and experts, academics and political researchers can participate in this event by reflecting their different theoretical views by sending research project reports, books, essays and academic theses. The conditions for sending works will be announced later.

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Articles Scope
  • Semantics of modest clothing style in monotheistic religions with emphasis on Islam;
  • The concept of Islamic style of covering based on the book and tradition;
  • The aesthetics of modesty in the style of religious clothing;
  • clothing and internalization of religious values (jurisprudence and customary studies);
  • Social-cultural developments of Iranian clothing style in the face of globalized culture;
  • governance, clothing economy and clothing style in contemporary Iran;
  • Cultural literacy of contemporary Iranians and choice of clothing style;
  • strategies of taste building in promoting the style of covering (media, celebrity);
  • Artistic-religious criticism of the prevailing current of fashion and contemporary trends in the world;
Articles Scope
  • Anthropology of the body, covering and clothing of contemporary Iranians;
  • Anthropology of religious clothing in Iran and other religious societies;
  • Anthropology of the style of traditional clothing and accessories (jewelry, sewing, etc.) of the clothing of Iranian peoples;
  • Anthropology of clothing and physical and mental health (clothing and medicine);
  • The psychology of fashion in Iran and its relationship with the requirements of Iranian-Islamic clothing style;
  • Coverage and intercultural communication of Iranian peoples;
Articles Scope
  • Analyzing the meaning of the authenticity of “hijab” from the perspective of cultural history;
  • Localization strategies of non-Iranian clothing in historical periods of Iran;
  • Pathology of governance approach in the style of covering Iranians;
  • Globalization and cover culture in Iran, native resistance;
  • The identity developments of Iranian clothing in the historical separation from traditions;
  • Historical aesthetic developments of Iranian clothing;
Articles Scope
  • Pathological study of the supply chain in Iranian clothing;
  • strategies for protecting the intellectual property rights of clothing designers;
  • Growth strategies of the national clothing industry based on sustainable fashion products;
  • Requirements for the development and role of development institutions in the production and supply of Iranian-Islamic clothing;
  • Drivers of creative economy and entrepreneurial models in the national garment industry;
  • Iranian textile and national clothing industry;
  • The economy of the clothing market and the culture of Iranian clothing consumption;
  • strategies to develop the export capacity and foreign exchange of Iranian clothing in the region;
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July 5, 2022
April 24, 2022
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July 12, 2022