International Conference on Packaging, Handicrafts and Sustainable Development 2015

The development of science in the world is the result of the exchange of ideas, science and experiences of thinkers, researchers and experts in different fields, this causes the dynamism and development of societies and leads human life towards hopes and ideals; Therefore, cooperation and participation in the thought and action of “sustainable development” will bring.

The term sustainable development was first officially proposed by the World Environment Committee in 1986 in the report “Our Common Future” and was formed in the mid-1990s in such a way that economic growth and social development take place in such a way that environmental capital and development needs for The future generation will not suffer from deficiencies and lead to continuous provision of human needs and satisfaction of the present generation and future generations. Such development (in the areas of agriculture, natural resources, environment and tourism) is associated with the protection of land, water and plant and animal genetic resources, does not cause environmental degradation, uses appropriate technology, is economically viable and sustainable. And it is socially acceptable. Interestingly, handicrafts and packaging are special sciences and techniques, each of which is beneficial in some way and related to the mentioned cases.

On the other hand, it has been about two decades now that the discussions about sustainable development and its achievement are on the agenda of all the countries of the world, and all governments are trying to contribute to this great global movement, considering their cultural and religious backgrounds. perform, they are aware that this way is possible only by “thinking globally and acting locally”. Iran is no exception to this rule.

Therefore, the secretariat of the national packaging conference series has dedicated its first conference to the topic of “handicraft packaging and sustainable development” according to the current requirements and needs of the country, because in addition to the practical needs of trade and buying and selling handicraft products to Packaging, in addition to the economic value, this area has high cultural and social values.

This conference seeks to clarify concepts by bringing together experts, thinkers, academics, policymakers and managers, related and interested organizations, design engineers and specialists, market and trade activists and those interested in packaging and handicrafts. , goals and introduction of useful and innovative ideas and designs in the field of packaging of various handicraft products. This is a suitable opportunity to exchange opinions, provide information and research and experimental findings of the country’s scientific, research, industrial and service centers.

Packaging is considered more as a tool to store, protect and commercialize goods in order to sell and distribute goods, but it is not only a powerful marketing tool, but also considered a reliable media. Packaging can play a significant role in advertising and promoting products. Therefore, it is the most comprehensive industry in the world and almost all industries are involved in it, and there are few goods that exist without packaging. Product protection, customer communication, easier and faster usability for the consumer, brand positioning for products, and aesthetics, among dozens of other characteristics, place packaging in a wide range of sciences and specialties, from art to engineering and industry

Based on this, the conference secretariat proudly invites all specialists, experts, students, researchers and scientists of scientific, research and industrial centers, artists and craftsmen to participate in this important national event in presenting the latest scientific and practical achievements and the field provide the achievement of the above goals.

The societies of today’s world consist of organizations that produce goods or services for the people of that society and benefit from it. Due to the huge population of societies, without the existence of a connected and combined set, which would provide the creation of new business opportunities, cost reduction, more market share and improvement of production, supply and demand motivation, development in any form of it It will not be possible. Therefore, in order to achieve the high goals and cultural, economic and industrial growth and excellence of ourselves and the future generation, paying attention to a category such as handicrafts, which is full of various values and local knowledge, will be a useful thing, especially for our country, handicrafts After “oil”, it is considered an important economic source and support.

With more than 250 disciplines in 14 groups, Iran’s handicrafts rank first in the world in terms of diversity. These concrete examples are cultural monuments that are the result of the combined taste and suffering of men and women throughout history; Therefore, in the supply stage, they need a society of their own kind, that is, technical-artistic and cultural, so that the process of this pride-building can continue in today’s competition field. Handicrafts are one of the most important and efficient tools in the field of cultural exchange, and in the current conditions of the world, when all societies and political and cultural decision-makers of countries have put the spread and influence of their people’s culture to other borders on their agenda, they can help Bendi should become a “cultural showcase” and raise the economic and social level of the country together.

In general, handicraft products are either bought inside the country or they are exported to foreign buyers, each of which requires its own attention and design, and unfortunately, no proper work has been done in this field yet. For a long time, the challenge facing the sale and export of handicrafts in Iran, from the point of view of every manager or official, producer and distributor, is the lack of good marketing and packaging, so much so that it is thought that packaging can play a miraculous role in increasing and improving this matter. slow Therefore, now that in order to get out of the poor quality of the supply and export of these cultural products, the country’s packaging designers and manufacturers are asked for help and the implementation of the developed programs, holding the present conference is of special importance and necessity and is an effective step for both. It will be valuable to increase and gain achievements.

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Design Concept
Articles Scope

Environment and craft packaging;
Creativity and craft packaging;
Packaging crafts and printing industry;
Identity and packaging of handicrafts;
Future and craft packaging;
Socail Media in craft packaging;
New technologies in craft packaging;
Sustainable design and craft packaging;
Quality control and handicraft packaging;
Craft materials and packaging;
Customer orientation and craft packaging;
Community culture and craft packaging;
Packaging crafts and graphics;
Packaging, promotion and promotion of handicraft products;

Design Concept Scope

Designing the packaging of handicraft products;
Designing handicraft products using packaging;
Designing the packaging of traditional food products for sale and export;
clothing packaging design;

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