International Online Workshop on Product Design Sketching 2023

What distinguishes industrial designers from others is the power of visual expression of creative ideas. With the skill of visualizing ideas, one can introduce oneself as a creative designer to society and industry. Designing is also a creative problem-solving process in which the existing situation will be transformed into an ideal situation in order to solve the problem. One of the skills of designers is the visualization of the mental space that occurs in the problem-solving stages. This visualization skill is formed in the form of sketching and rendering sketches. For this purpose, the first skill that is taught in design education centers around the world is the skill of sketching (hand-drawing) and rendering. Obviously, these two skills are complementary and necessary to each other.
This space of sketching is divided into two parts: one is the Drawing domain, which includes the designer’s personal impressions or free experiences of various topics with independent expression and in a variety of methods, and the other is the design domain, which includes the stages of combining visual elements and space based on design principles. It has a practical aspect and leads to the provision of solutions and problem-solving.
AFAMevents, in collaboration with and under the instruction of Professor Jung-Goo Han, a professor at Hongik University in South Korea, will be holding the first training course on product design sketching. This course is for those who want to visualize their ideas and put them into practice. In this course, product design will be taught along with the basics of perspective and rendering.
Dr. Jeongmo Han , with 15 years of experience teaching and training sketching to over 2,000 students and designers, intends to provide a stimulating and inspiring environment for designers in this training course to strengthen creativity and master design skills through simple, accurate, and realistic techniques in 12 online sessions. He is a product designer and founder of Sketch Factory Academy. You can see samples of his designs on the social media pages of AFAM Institute. This workshop is recommended for all industrial designers, product designers, automotive designers, fashion designers, interior designers, furniture designers, and those interested in the design field. This course is also a prerequisite for the Digital Sketching Design Bag course.

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Dr. Jeongmo Han

Product Designer

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August, 14 2023
July, 6 2023
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