International Online Workshop on Collar Jacket Pattern Making and Sewing 2023

In the fashion industry, the path between idea and execution is very important. A designer must understand the process of turning an idea into a garment. With skills in pattern making and sewing, and by considering the path to the final product in the ideation stage, your initial idea will become mature and executable. Among the various styles, the design and pattern making of various coats are very important.
In this course, the pattern making and sewing of a collared jacket is taught from scratch. This course is suitable for those who know how to design and sew various skirts, coats, pants, and blouses, for example, those who have taken the basic coat course and the pants workshop, and want to learn pattern making and sewing of various coats professionally.
AFAMevents, in collaboration with and under the instruction of Professor Kenneth King, a fashion designer, author, one of the editors of Threads magazine, and a popular professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, will be holding the first training course in pattern making and sewing of a collared jacket in Iran in the summer of 2023. This course is for those who have specialized skills in sewing and pattern making and are at an advanced level, including experienced tailors or professional fashion designers.
Dr. Kenneth King is a 40-year veteran and expert in tailoring, fashion, and clothing in Manhattan. He also teaches at his studio in New York City and travels extensively throughout the United States, teaching fitting and couture sewing techniques. He specializes in custom evening wear and his designs are featured in the permanent collections of several museums, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the de Young Museum in San Francisco, and also in many private collections. King received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Professional Association of Tailors and Designers in 2013. For the first time in Iran, he plans to share his professional and specialized experience with Iranian tailors and fashion designers. The first training course is dedicated to the design, pattern making, and sewing of a collared jacket, which will be held in 8 online sessions starting in August. You can see samples of his designs on the social media pages of AFAM Institute. This workshop is recommended for all fashion designers, couturiers, sewing instructors, and professional and semi-professional tailors.

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Dr. Kenneth King

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August, 14 2023
July, 14 2023
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