International Workshop on Leather bag design accessory 2021


With the spread of the corona virus pandemic in the world, this event was held online!

Afam Events, in cooperation with the Iranian Textile and Clothing Designers Association and Pasos Design Company, organized a bag accessory design workshop in the field of fashion design taught by Dr. Veronika Pasos; holds In the field of fashion and fashion, the word accessory has become very useful in the last few decades and it forms an integral part of style. In fact, the main role of accessories is to complete fashion in the style design process. Among the widely used accessories are jewelry, watches, glasses, bags and shoes, etc. She mentioned that in the science of design, each of these accessories has its own place in the process of design, production and material. Leather is one of the most widely used materials in fashion design. A long time ago, someone discovered the benefits of leather materials with excellent properties such as protection, resistance and thermal insulation. Throughout history, we can observe the human realm in the context of various techniques of processing animal skins, as well as the adaptation of the use of these materials to new needs. Here we can mention, for example, vegetable tanned leather and chrome tanned leather, as well as the use of this material for interior design by aircraft companies. In the fashion industry, it is no different. The luxury offered by leather makes this material a favorite of fashion designers, the luxury goods industry, and consumers worldwide. From this point on, the history of leather cannot be mentioned without the history of the biggest brands and iconic accessories such as watches, shoes and leather bags, which have become desired objects and timeless products for the fashion industry. Ms. Dr. Veronica Passos, the owner of the bag design brand Peso from Brazil, wants to talk about the wonders of leather and its use in bag design with those interested in fashion, fashion, bag and accessory design.

Dr. Veronica Passos; They are designers and producers of leather accessories and bags. You can see examples of her designs on the virtual pages of Afam Institute. This workshop is for all fashion, fashion, clothing, bag and industrial designers who are interested in the field of accessory design; it is suggested. It is mandatory for the participants to know English. A translator will be present at the workshop. This workshop will be held on September 5 and September 6 from 5 to 7 pm.

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Dr. Veronica Passos

Designer of accessories and leather bags

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Sptember 5, 2021
July 21, 2021
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