International Workshop on Designing for flexible living a comparison of experiences 2021


With the spread of the corona virus pandemic in the world, this event was held online!

Afam Events Institute in collaboration with Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy, interior decoration design training workshop with the theme “Design for flexible living: Comparison of experiences” taught by Dr. Simona Canepa; holds
Design is the scientific study and creation of artefacts; Because products are made and used to solve problems and meet people’s needs. Among these products, we can mention all kinds of furniture, lighting, home appliances, etc. The appropriate design of these products according to the culture of the audience and then the best arrangement of furniture and decorative products is one of the duties of interior designers and decoration designers. Paying attention to the art of interior design and decoration design is very important and vital, which should be studied and researched as a science mixed with art. Because without a doubt, a pleasant space for rest can help us maintain our mental and mental balance. Ms. Dr. Simona Canpa, designer and assistant professor of the Department of Architecture and Design at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy, during two days, answered the question of how to arrange an apartment in different ways thanks to furniture and decorative elements. And how can you make people happy and enjoy living in an apartment by designing interior decoration? to answer
Ms. Dr. Simona Canpa; He is an interior designer and designer of exhibition booths and the author of four specialized books in the field of interior design, who have published more than 34 specialized articles in ISI magazines and international conferences. This workshop is for all interior designers, architecture, decoration, furniture, and industrial design who are interested in designing and arranging furniture in residential houses; it is suggested.

It is mandatory for the participants to know English. A translator will be present at the workshop. This training workshop will be held on February 21 and February 22 from 6 to 8 in the evening.

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Dr. Simona Canpa

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June 21, 2021
April 21, 2021
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