International Conference on Urban design management 2020

Zahra Masoudi Amin, Susan Ebrahimi

The Effects of Needs Assessment on Graphic Design in Smart Cities

Hadi Solimanabadi

Functionality of traditional motifs in contemporary Iranian poster design with an emphasis on birds

Seyed Ali Farogh, Yasamn Hajian

Managing the design of tourism services based on the brand of a place with characteristics of Islamic Iranian architecture

Ehsan Heydarzade, Mohammadamir Kakizade, Niosha Zarin

Recognizing the ratio of form and function in line with the analysis of behavioral patterns in space;

Sahra Lotfi, Marzieh Allahdadi

Development of neighborhood sustainability in line with urban management

Ali Rigi, Zohre Sajedi

Investigating the effects of basic design of residential complexes on the security and comfort of residents

Maryam Sabzianpor, Golnosh Malayeri

Investigating factors affecting social interactions in Kashan city planning

Najme Dastgheyb

The role of creative urban design in children's education

Mohammadamir Kakizade

Managing the design and construction of the Habitat residential complex; A classy urban village in Montreal, Canada

Mohsen Abedi, Reza Hemati

Investigating urban furniture design approaches with sustainable design approach

Ehsan Pahlannezhad, Mojtaba Nazernezhad

Similarities and influence of folding style on Iranian architecture

Farzane Honarbakhsh

Designing and organizing temporary sidewalks overlooking construction projects for optimal movement of the disabled

Farzane Honarbakhsh

Investigating the damage caused by the visual pollution of temporary projects on the urban landscape

Zahra Masodiamin, Zeynab Faghihirezaie

Shape dimensions of icons in applications, as intelligent mediators in the field of Iranian tourism

Amir Baharikha, Maryam Mohmodi, Nasaer Kolinimemeghani

Studying the design criteria of an intelligent crisis management system to manage relief after an earthquake

Marzie Hamikamari, Maryam Mahmod Kharghani, Amir Baharikhah

Assessment of requirements and necessities affecting the smart and sustainable city to reduce air pollution in Tehran metropolis

Ahad Ansari

The boom of architecture in Iran based on the rearrangement of the building body

Mohsen Rezaiemoghadam

Satisfaction of clients and users of urban furniture

Masod Shekari, Hassan Sheikhi

Designing a framework for evaluating the readiness to implement a design management system

Neser Kolinimamaghani, Mahsa Hamidi

Urban furniture design for Najaf Abad inspired by historical context

Farhad Alali

Design function and its management role in urban furniture

Maryam Mahmodi Kharaghani, Amir Baharikhah, Marzie Hamikarami

Identifying the effect of using plants in urban furniture in the clean air of Tehran

Sara Omidshafiie, Mehrdad Badiie Sabzevar

Adaptation of urban equipment and furniture with emphasis on the limitations of the disabled and veterans

Fatemeh Mehr Afarin

The role of urban furniture in citizens' leisure time

Ehsan Pahlannezhad, Mojtaba Nazernezhad

The similarities of fractal style with Iranian architecture, a case study of Iranian gardens

Mohsen Abedi, Reza Hemati

Urban open spaces with examples & the classification of urban furniture

Hasan Ahmadi

An analysis of the use of urban furniture in city

Marzieh Allahdadi

Investigating design promotion strategies in companies

Marzieh Allahdadi

SIM: innovation in design management, influence and challenges of implementation

Mitra Nabavi, Elham Rasoli

Examining the selection criteria for the field of urban design in Iran

Mostafa Yosefi

Explaining the signs of urban furniture with the Morris approach

Mostafa Yosefi

Examining the position of design management in the production process

Zahra Masoudi Amin, Susan Ebrahimi

The Effects of Needs Assessment on Graphic Design in Smart Cities

Zahra Masodiamin, Zeynab Faghirezaie

Shape dimensions of icons in applications, as intelligent mediators in the field of Iranian tourism

Ahamd Abedini

Professional Ethics in Industrial Design

Zahra Masoudi Amin, Zeinab Faghihi Rezaee

Shape Dimensions of Icons in Iranian Tourism Applications as Sma Intermediaries