International Conference on DESIGN (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Industrial Design) 2019

Ehsan Rahmati, Khosro Porjavan

The effectiveness of social interactions and environmental perception on the physical space of architecture

Steffan Barter

Recognizing the effect of the green roof in response to pathology and temperature reduction

Asma Nori Kazaj

Identifying factors affecting the optimal use of information technology in updating the knowledge of construction project managers

Fateme Kateb, Akram Nori

The visual coexistence of Iranian carpets with the layout of the modern living space from the point of view of design and role

Elahe Panjebashi

A study of the use of the art of tiling of the Nasir al-Mulk mosque in the Qajar period in the field of contemporary interior architecture

Elahe Tarkhorani, Parasto Chaghari

Examining the place of designing sustainable behavior in the use of products

Encye Farahani

Providing a model for promoting use of houseplant with sustainable development approach in use of the flower pot

Iman Borbori, Sahar Almasizade

The place of houseplants in interior design to increase the quality of life of the elderly

Pone Rezaeirad, Hasn Asanlo

Application of multimedia technologies in museum lighting

Tina Khalaj

The effect of lighting on furniture and urban space

Javad Dadebala

Environmentally friendly packaging design criteria with secondary functionality

Hassan Omidvari, Hosin Masodi

The role of interior architecture design in the lighting of interior spaces

Hamid Ansarizade

Application of new technologies in interior architecture

Hamireza Shabani, Amir Allahdadi, Babak Mohammadzade

Sustainable architecture, responsive architecture

Khosro Porjavan

The role and place of architecture education in the elementary school social studies book, on students' understanding of the surrounding environment

Diba Moeizani

Formal analysis of the bird motif in the tombstones of Takht Foulad, Isfahan

Rotya Robaei, Mohammadreza Dorosti

Architectural design using form and behavior in natural processes (morphogenesis)

Mohammad Behzadpor, Atiye Kashefi, Zahra Sardari

Traces of sustainable architecture in Iranian gardening, case example: Fin Kashan garden

Zahra Mohammadi, Abdolreza Mohseni

Examining the factors affecting the psychological comfort of passengers in airport lounges, taking into account different aspects of human perceptions

Zahra Masodiamin, Farinaz Shafie

Playing the role of the cedar tree in the architectural decorations of the vestibule of the Jafarian House (Gonabad) and the entrance of Shazdeh Garden (Mahan)

Zahra Masodiamin, Sosan Ebrahimi

The impact of technology on visual communication design based on "service design"

Zahra Masodiamin, Reyhane Anghaie

The effect of "augmented reality" technology on the quality of message transmission in press ads

Zeynab Gheisarieh

The importance of future research in the field of artificial intelligence for Iran

Sara Mahmodi, Shayan Monfared

Examining the place of wood in interior architecture

Fateme Kateb, Sepide Taravati, Masod Asghari

Designing the contemporary art museum in Tehran with a contextual approach

Sajad Maleki, Maede Mohseni

Systematic review of new trends in industrial design in the world

Sahar Bosjini, Neda Feizi Najafi

Designing recreational, residential and winter camp (Shamshak city case example)

Samaneh Sadat Hoseini, Mahboobeh Nabizade

Understanding the concept of light and color from a aesthetic perspective in Iranian interior design

Seyed Ali Farogh, Mohsen Yazdi

Investigating the influence of personality types on the selection of organic and geometric forms by design students

Seyed Ali Farogh, Mohammad Hosin Pirozi Baghdadabadi

Extracting design strategies to promote sustainable behaviors with an emphasis on the use of household appliances

Mohammad Pirmohammadi, Seyed Zahra Asleramsadati

Investigating the theory of living structures of "Christopher Alexander" in Iranian architecture

Sima kalavani, Samiye Taheri

The sustainable design of capitalism

Yahya Nahvi, Shayan Hojatpanah, Mohammad Motamed

Investigating the influence of children's architecture on the architectural design of children's hospitals

Zahra Yadegari, Shayan Hojatpanah, Mohammad Motamed

Feasibility of designing and building a cultural center in order to promote cultural identity by using the principles of sustainable urban development (case study: Dezful city)

Saba Yazdanpanah, Ala Ehsani, Mostafa Tohidifar

Investigating the effect of Iranian identity in the design method of late Sassanid and early Islamic traditional artifacts

Mitra Manavirad

Green packaging and its performance in environmental protection

Atefe Shirdel, Hiro Farkish

Providing a solution to improve security through the analysis of physical characteristics

Atefe Alimohammad, Tayebe Makary

design of home furniture with iranian and traditional design approach

Alieye Ghaemmaghamian

Using an eco-oriented approach in product design

Abasgholi Vahabi

Studying the impact of unintentional design on product sustainability

Fatemeh Amiri

Title: Assessing the Aesthetic Components in Furniture Design Using Sustainability Approach

Fateme Hasanpor

Studying the impact of unintentional design on product sustainability

Fatemezahra Salari, Mahdi Hamzenezhad

Dimensions of housing flexibility in order to increase the quality and durability of residents

Fateme Shojae, Nahid Shojae

Examining the challenges facing business in the field of industrial design

Fateme Ghobadi, Farzane Honarbakhsh

Lighting design to reduce earthquake damage with Gensai design approach

Fateme Kamyabi, Ayda Beheshtipor

Ecotech architecture to achieve sustainable architecture

Fateme Norozi, Mohammadreza Namdari

The position of Mediatek multimedia cultural center in the architecture of today's societies

Fateme Norozi, Abas Namjo

The position of Rabat Sharaf brickwork and plaster decorations in traditional Iranian architecture

Mohadese Jafaie

Investigating vandalism in urban furniture (case study: Tehran)

Mohadese Jafaie

Studying new methods in the design of sidewalks

Mohsen Alikhani

Art and technology over time

Hoda Norozi, Dariosh Parsanezhad

Iranian carpet is a unique phenomenon in interior design and decoration

Marzieh Allahdadi

The mutual influence of the environment on human behavioral needs in interior design

Marzieh Allahdadi

Entrepreneurship: its role in achieving economic sustainability

MaryamFarhadi, Alireza Daneshpor

Investigating the role of spatial quality of treatment centers for children with cancer in improving their sense of hope

MaryamFarhadi, Alireza Daneshpor

Investigating the need to provide spaces for children with cancer to have fun and acquire various skills in children's treatment centers, in order to maintain the sense of childhood in them.

Maryam Karimi, Mohsen Atar, Bahram Farokhi

Investigating the application of nanotechnology in the construction industry

Hoda Norozi, Dariosh Parsanezhad

Examining the place of lighting in the design of interior spaces and its effect on people's mood

Mostafa Tohidifar

Identifying the indicators of Iranian traditional design principles: approaches in cognitive archaeology, philosophy and mythology

Rozhin Ghorbanimoghadam, Mostafa Tohidifar

Recognizing the concept of light in design elements according to Iranian-Islamic design methodology

Melika Montajab, Hadis Ayazi

Comparative study of traditional lighting methods in interior design

Mosa Ashrafzade, Ali Aminnezhad

A look at traditional architectural patterns in interior design lighting

Mosa Ashrafzade, Ali Aminnezhad

The evolution of decorative motifs in all kinds of motifs related to Islamic architecture

Mahta Sadat Firozabadi, Mohammadreza Namdari

Investigating DIY as an influential factor in product democratization

Mehrin Edrisian, Farnosh Hamidi

Sustainable ethics with an exponential growth approach in product design

Mahsa Gholipor, Shahin Godarzi

Home furniture design using sustainable materials

Mitra Saedi, Fateme Abdoli

The effect of color and light in interior architecture (case study: residential spaces)

Nafise Abdi, Hasan Rezakhani

Value engineering is a solution based on saving costs of architectural projects

Nafise Abdi, Hasan Rezakhani

Investigating and organizing pedestrian scops with emphasis on human-centered principles

Vahid Sadram

Architectural Design; Design-oriented research or research-oriented design

Vahid Sadram

The central vacancy of the design process in Iranian architecture conferences

Fateme Shokohirad, Vahid Sadram

Improving the understanding of scale in the teaching of architectural design for beginner students

Ali Faraji, Hanieh Mohammadi

Manifesting corporate brand image using colors

Mohammadsadegh Khaji, Yahya Amirinezhad

innovative technologies of smart materials in architecture; With the approach of innovative design patterns