International Conference on DESIGN (Interaction of Industrial Design and Interior Architecture) 2018

Mohadese Rezaei

Deliberation of aesthetic aspects of illumination by daylight with environmental psychology approach

Hoda Norozi, Dariosh Parsanezhad

Examining the place of lighting in the design of interior spaces and its effect on people's mood

Abdolah Zadegan, Alireza Rostampor

Investigating the effects of internal architecture in creating psychological vitality in cinema campuses

Ghazal Heydari, Mitra Hemati

Investigating the effect of interior design on the performance of patients with hyperactivity/attention deficit disorder in Dr. Mohammad Kermanshahi Hospital in 2016 in Kermanshah city.

Nasrin Yazdani

The effect of color and light on people's soul and spirit with the focus on interior architecture

Fateme Fatahi

Architecture, light and color in a child's room and its effect on her mood

Sara Taravati, Jahanjir Hosinpor

Investigating the effect of natural light control tools on traditional Iranian architecture on people's quality of life

Shadi Khanbaba, Seyed Mahdi Norani

A study on the motifs of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and the use of motifs in the beautification of urban environment design

Sara Taravati, Jahanjir Hosinpor

Investigating the effect of using creative furniture in improving the mental health of people in the community

Stefano Follesa, Peian Yao

Identity in Dwelling Spaces

Arefe Moradi Kohbane, Mohammadreza Namdari

The influence of power hegemony on the evolution of Iranian furniture in the Safavid and Qajar periods

Paria Bagheri Moghaddam

Glocal approach as a new method in architecture and interior design of the future

Shayan Golchin, Mina Damavandi, Sahar Razagh

The influence of culture in building the city (with emphasis on Islamic culture)

Sepide Tajarmakan, Rozita Farzam

Recognizing the art of Iranian mirror work in order to revive it in the current buildings

Sana Ebrahimi

Investigating color and its role in interior design

Sara Bahrampour Givi

A Study on the Effectiveness of Kansei Engineering in Cultural Design

Fartash Hashemian, Morteza Yahyaie

Investigating culture in urban design

Maryam Eskandarifar, Nima Safdarian

The role of Sassanid era architecture on the furniture of the same period

Bahare Nejati

Comparing the tranquility of past and modern architectural spaces and the place of industrial design in it

Mohammad Shabani, Nilofar Ebrahimzade

E-commerce service design for service design products

Sepide Delshad, Arghvan Maghsodi

Changing the attitude of architects, from traditional architecture to today

Ahmadreza Eslami, Seyede Zohre Shahamiri

An analysis on how to design Iranian traditional furniture products from the perspective of "multi-functionality" and its effect on the quality of life in the interior spaces of the house.

Marzieh Allahdadi, Mahsa Gholipor, Rozita Farzam

Furniture design: its impact on lifestyle

Nasim Razaghi, Mina Tahsiri

Increasing learning mobility and productivity at the same time in primary schools through the design of educational aid products

Samane Sanaiepor, Khashayar Hojati Emami

Presenting a model to promote the culture of waste separation based on product/structure design in the interior of commercial stores with a sustainable design approach (Case study of Cyrus cultural commercial complex)

Sahra Lotfi

Investigating the influence of religion and beliefs on the traditional architecture of Iran and the physical characteristics of the building

Hadis Rast

Creativity in architecture and industrial design

Khashayar Hojati Emami, Zahra TAhtan, Fateme Moazemi

Review and analysis of ergonomic criteria in traditional restaurants

Farzahe Honarbash, Marzieh Allahdadi

The role of sustainable aesthetics in achieving bio-sustainable products

Ramin Alinezhad

The effect of vegetation in saving building energy consumption

Ali Faraji, Mahsa Ghanbari Borhan

A Guideline for Pediatric Hospital Users and Lighting communication

Mahshid Barani

Review of interior architecture design process based on industrial design thinking

Maziar Mahmodabadi, Vahid Navabmanesh, Reyhane Hosinpor, Zahra Ansari

Industrial design lessons in architectural design education

Behnosh Moradi, Nadie Imani

Providing interior design models to enhance the multi-sensory experiences of users in the space

Zahra Haghshenas

Semantic analysis of furniture

Marzieh Allahdadi, Parvin Shokri

Interior design of shoe stores and its impact on customer satisfaction

Samira Faraji

Investigating the effect of fashion leadership and shopping pleasure on consumer purchasing preferences with an approach to its implementation in the apparel industry